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As the Eco GreenGrid DESIGNERMANUFACTURER & DISTRIBUTOR, we come into contact with A LOT of great businesses and people, some of whom would be helpful to you, our customer or our website visitor. Therefor, we have created a “helpful resources” page that we will continually add links to. These are people and businesses we feel offer helpful, quality services that we want to pass on to our customers and visitors on our website. We hope you find a helpful resource in the links below.


Be sure to keep coming back! We will continue to expand this list.

Equine Related Resources

Raye Lochert Horsemanship
Chris Cox Horsemanship
Bolender Horse Park
​Mark Bolender 360-269-5699


Bolender Horse Park
​Mark Bolender 360-269-5699


Equine Classifieds, Trail Resources, Barn Contractors and More!

Click on the business name to go to their websites.


Helpful Resources - NWEquine.com


Helpful Resources - Stable.com


Helpful Resources - Trail Meister


Helpful Resources - DC Builders


Helpful Resources - Oregon Horse Country

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Mark Bolander

Trail Horse Clinician and Trainer, Mark Bolander Trail Park