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Terminal Location Shipping Costs vs Home Delivery Shipping Costs

Shipping Terminals are located all throughout the US and Canada, near larger cities. We ship to these locations for you to do a “will call” pick up for the product. This Generally Saves you $150 – $250 on your shipping costs.

The nearest terminal is determined by your Zip code.

Home delivery is also determined by your zip code.

We also offer a “will call” pick up at NO CHARGE (no shipping costs) at our Production facility in Washougal, Washington.

If you decide that the terminal location is too far from you and you want home delivery instead, contact us to make this change in your quote and we will resend it.

Phone/Text: 503-975-0141


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We always use Eco GreenGrid for paths and the base of ponds when we install professional trail courses. It works GREAT!

Mark Bolander

Trail Horse Clinician and Trainer, Mark Bolander Trail Park