Product Features & Specs

What is Eco GreenGrid?

The Eco GreenGrid is a tough, durable, interlocking grid system designed to provide turf protection, ground reinforcement and erosion control. It comes pre-assembled in lightweight 14.31ft2 (1.33m2) pieces for easy handling and installation.

Manufactured from 100% recycled plastics and providing superior water drainage, this revolutionary system provides an economical and environmentally sustainable alternative to asphalt, concrete or paving.

Eco GreenGrid is the original registered product made by NWGRIDworks.

Where is Eco GreenGrid Used?

Eco GreenGrid is perfectly suited for pathways, parking lots or driveways and has numerous sporting applications such as equestrian facilities and golf courses. Eco GreenGrid provides excellent ground support and prevention from erosion.

~ Temporary or permanent ground reinforcement

~ Reinforce lawns and other grassy areas to prevent mud and damage to the ground

~ Can be filled with stone, earth or seeded

~ If seeded, once grass has grown Eco GreenGrid becomes invisible but still resists wear and compression

Why Use Eco GreenGrid?


  1. Environmentally Friendly – ecological, ground water neutral
  2. Superior water drainage, no more mud or puddles
  3. Prevents erosion and wear on pathways
  4. Strengthens grassed areas to prevent mud and damage
  5. Contains gravel drives and keeps them rut-free
  6. Creates a natural surface suitable for high traffic and heavy vehicles
  7. Easily concealed with gravel or grass
  8. Resistant to water, chemicals, corrosion, cracking
  9. A ‘fit-and-forget’ product


  1. Extremely lightweight (approximate 2lb/ft2 (10.5kg/m2))
  2. High Strength (up to 32.5t/ft2 (350t/m2))
  3. Manufactured from 100% Recycled Plastics
  4. Tab interlocking system
  5. Virtually Maintenance-free, tough and durable
  6. Temporary or permanent ground protection


Eco GreenGrid is committed to passing on all possible savings to our clients, thus we provide customized quotes on a project basis.

No project is too big or too small!

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Technical Specifications

Grid Area 12″ x 12″
Wall Thickness 3/16″
Wall Height 1″
Weight per Unit 2.7 lbs
Weight per square yard (3′ x 3′) 24.3 lbs
Laying Performance 119.5 yards2 per person per hour
Material 100% recycling material from TOP plastic thermal polyolefin
Carrying Load per m2  up to 120 tons
Temperature Range Dimensional stability temp range -50o to 90o
Temperature Change Dimensional change 0.5% (for normal temps +20o to 80o C)
Adsorption of Humidity 0.01%
Environmental Compatibility Environmentally neutral in accordance with DIN 38412 UV and Frost Resistant
Solubility Resistance to acids, alkali’s, alcohol, oil, and petrol (ex. de-icing salt, ammonia, acid rain, etc…)

All of these figures might mean nothing to you BUT this video ought to show you how our Eco GreenGrid really holds up!

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We always use Eco GreenGrid for paths and the base of ponds when we install professional trail courses. It works GREAT!

Mark Bolander

Trail Horse Clinician and Trainer, Mark Bolander Trail Park