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Eco GreenGrid  has a multitude of applications providing ground reinforcement, erosion prevention, mud control, and turf protection. These applications include but are not limited to:

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Mud Control

Equestrian & Livestock Facilities

Parking Lots



Golf Courses

Erosion Control

Green Spaces



Public Spaces

Equestrian Use

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Eco GreenGrid is a tough, durable, interlocking grid mat designed to provide ground and turf protection. Eco GreenGrid works well in Equestrian and farm mud control and ground reinforcement. And because of this, we are proud to have many happy ranch owners with healthy, happy horses.


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The unbeatable benefits for your equines and facility include:

Eliminate Mud

Create a Water-Permeable Surface

Maintenance Free

Use Eco GreenGrid for your:


Arena Footing

Parking Areas


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I have Eco GreenGrid installed in my barn, holding pens, 2 paddocks, and 4 stalls. All of which have heavy use! I've used Eco GreenGrid for 3 years now on our ranch and it is holding up beautifully. I would recommend this product to anyone!

Chris Cox

Horse Trainer, Chris Cox Horsemanship Company