Patio & Walkway Around House

by Jun, 2017

Landscape Use

Eco GreenGrid is great for any landscape use or outdoor project where you want to control mud and maintain a stable surface. It can be used for paths or walkways, patios, outdoor stairs, barbecue areas, around garden beds and more. Use our grid anywhere you need to minimize mud and provide a stable surface.

Our Eco GreenGrid is also easy on the environment. Read more about all the positive environmental features our product provides.

For medium to high traffic areas, our Eco GreenGrid provides a reinforced, weatherproof, and porous natural land cover. It can be used for parking lots, pathways, driveways, green roofs, and more. As a natural land cover that is more porous, it is healthier to use than asphalt or concrete. Paving with the Eco GreenGrid results in less solar absorption, thus reducing the “Heat Island Effect”.

For more information on the “Heat Island Effect” visit the United States EPA Heat Island Site or the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives’ online resource for Urban Heat Islands Mitigation.